There has been many memorable experiences that I had in my high school career. Experiences ranging from friends, to classes, to extracurricular activities like sports. A significant experience I've had in high school was in Track & Field, my eleventh grade year.

I ran track in all my previous years of high school. My eleventh grade year though, I felt that I wasn't running at my full potential. There was a reason for this feeling. This was because in my tenth grade year I was running varsity level times while only being on the junior varsity level. In my eleventh grade year I wasn't running anywhere near close to that time.

To enhance this experience were my previous years in Track & Field. My freshman year I was ineligible to run track because of my grades. My sophomore year, my grades were fine, and I was an exceptional runner in my event, the 800 meters. However, I got injured close to the time of finals so I didn't get further into the competition. Finally, in my junior year I wasn't ineligible nor was I injured, but I wasn't at the speed that I was supposed to be at. This was really frustrating because it was basically an obstacle every year, which caused my to quit track my senior year.

Sometimes, being in a community service activity contributes to your personal development and future goals. A community service activity I'm in, that contributed and still contributes to my personal development and future goals, is the Boys & Girls Club.

The Boys and Girls Club I'm in hosts itself at Carson High School, which is the school I attend. I go there quite frequently, and have many friends from all grade levels that also do. The staff members are very nice, willing to help, and interested in the improvement of the students that come.

The Boys & Girls Club also has sub clubs within it like Photoshop Club, Lyricism, CyberPatriot, and more. A club that I'm in is the CyberPatriot club, which deals with computer security. This contributed to my future goal of wanting a career that deals with computers, by showing me what exactly they do and how things are. The club personally developed me because of the excitement the activity brings out of me.