Freddy Krueger is a playable character in DK Network.


  • Claw Gloves
  • Sleep
  • Fire



  • Stab
  • Scratch
  • Kick


  • Sweet Dreams: Freddy summons a green orb that falls on the opponent and causes them to fall asleep for a short amount of time.
  • Freddy Fingers: Freddy sends one of his gloves to crawl across the ground and hit the opponent's feet. These crawls make a distinct clicking sound.
  • Shhh: Freddy grabs his opponent, lifts a finger to his mouth and whispers, "Shhhh..." before turning them around and impaling them from behind with his claws.

Ultimate MoveEdit

Welcome to my Nightmare: Freddy summons a large furnace. He then stabs the opponent in the neck and stomach, and chucks them straight into the furnace. As the opponent burns in agony, Freddy waves goodbye and shuts the door, while the opponent's arm is hanging out of the furnace, cutting the arm off, and burning the opponent to death.