Fusion wakes up in a mysterious place, with a man named Doctor Nexus. Nexus helped Fusion recover all in a time of 4 weeks since the accident when Fusion lost his arm. He wakes up in Doctor Nexus' office, with a new automail arm. Doctor Nexus tells Fusion what happened to him, and tell him what his destiny is as the protector of the Solar System. Nexus tells Fusion that a great evil would be in their Solar System within a time of 1 year and 22 days. He tells Fusion that he must train and prepare to become the ultimate warrior. After that a boy walks into the room. The boy's name is Hunter. Fusion greeted Hunter, and Hunter greeted Fusion.  Soon after, Doctor Nexus tells Hunter to go train Fusion into a great warrior. So they walk onto the training grounds and begin sparring. Hunter dashes at Fusion, and knees him in the gut, making Fusion hold his stomach. Fusion dashes at Hunt and punches his in the face, making Hunter slide back. Hunter then dashes at Fusion and punches him in the gut again, but this time it's more severe and the punche makes Fusion cough up blood. Fusion then fell to the ground beaten and battered. Hunter then states he isn't strong enough and lacks power, and that he is trash. Hunter began to walk away, but Fusion isn't quite done yet. Fusion charges one final blast in his right hand and fires it at Hunter. Hunter was tooken by surprise  and was hit by the blast. Smoke was all over the training grounds and it began to clear. Hunter was seen still standing, but Fusion fainted on the ground. Hunter then turned around and walked off.