Height: 7'0

General Grievous (aka as just Grievous) is a playable character in DK Network.


General Grievous was known as a fearsome warrior that has killed a countless number of people throughout the galaxy. Originally a freedom fighter on his homeworld, the man who would come to be know as General Grievous quickly became a feared force on the battlefield. As a commander, Grievous lead his people to victory over those who had invaded their home. Grievous' tactical prowess attracted attention from the Sith Lords Palpatine and Dooku, who, with the help of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, arranged for Grievous' shuttle to be shot down so that Sidious could use him as guinea pig in his twisted experiments. The result was the cyborg body that contained his brain and vital organs with versatile mechanized extremities.

Grievous was trained in lightsaber combat by Count Dooku. With his training, Grievous became extremely proficient in wielding a lightsaber, even incorporating his own unique tactics in battle. With the ability to hold up to five lightsabers at once (four with his hands and one with his foot), and the ability to move in ways that no one else could, Grievous' combat style became deadly. The General's skill with a saber, or sabers, allowed him to kill large numbers of Jedi, earning him the title of Jedi Hunter. With every Jedi Grievous killed, another lightsaber was added to his collection, which he kept as trophies.


  • Light Sabers: Due to General Grievous having four arms, he can wield four light sabers at one time. They are weapons that can deflect heat vision/laser vision.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Four Arms
  • Extreme Agility
  • High Quickness



  • Kick
  • Stomp (Can Only Be Used When Opponent Is Grounded)
  • Slash
  • Stab
  • Parry (Only against melee weapons)


  • Five Light Saber Style: A separatist ship comes down to the stage to bring Grievous a light saber from his collection giving him a fifth light saber. Grievous won't lose the lightsaber unless he is knocked off of balance.
  • Droid Army: Grievous calls upon his army of droids using his antennae. The droids shoot at the enemy constantly and keep attacking, but can be defeated with one hit.

Ultimate MoveEdit

  • Separatist Ship: General Grievous gets inside of his Separatist Ship flying across the stage shooting the lasers making the opponent explode into bits.