Iron Shadow
Iron Shadow (Real Name: Jeel Fox) is a super powered human who is a villainous, psychotic, chaotic terror. He was born with extraordinary powers and has gone power crazy since the discovery of them.


Iron Shadow has long, wavy, spiky hair that flows upward upon release of his great power. No one knows the actual color of his eyes, as his eyes stay all white or they glow with some type of color. His skin is pale when not in use of power, but when powered up his skin turns into shiny iron. He wears an opened up vest, revealing his very muscular body with baggy, cotton beige colored pants tied with an iron belt. He has many piercings on his body also having a tattoo on his left arm and wears red gloves with iron parts.


Iron Shadow has a power crazed personality and feeds off of the fear and misery of other people. He is wicked, chaotic, and unstable. So unstable, that no one knows how far he will go to cause complete mayhem in wherever location he is. To have people bow down to him and shriek in fear of him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

High Strength: Iron Shadow has demonstrated many signs of high strength in his acts of chaos such as picking up cars with one hand and throwing them great lengths. Also easily stopping a truck when it was about to run into him.

Enhanced Speed: Iron Shadow is faster than any average human and can out run the military no problem. This has enabled him to do commit many acts of chaos in short amounts of time.

Iron & Shadow Abilities: His powers enable him to manipulate the two elements of Shadow and Iron. This allows him to sink into shadows themselves and also manipulate shadows into physical objects and make them as hard and strong as iron.

  • High Durability: When using these powers his body turns into iron making the durability of his body increase by a lot. This also makes him immune to a lot of weapons and fight armed opponents, unarmed.
  • Great Energy Pressure: The amount of energy that Iron Shadow releases when he uses his power is amazing and can easily send people flying and flip cars over. If inside a building, it can break furniture and shatter windows.