[i][size=16]Blizzara[/size] [/i] [u][b]MP Cost:[/b][/u] 30 [u][b]Element(s):[/b][/u] Ice [u][b]Range:[/b][/u]  Long [u][b]Description:[/b][/u] Kitanai gathers ice magic in his hand and sends it at the enemy. It pursues after the enemy, but unlike Blizzard, it doesn't keep going once it hits its target.

[i][size=16]Blizzaga[/size] [/i] [u][b]MP Cost:[/b][/u] 60 [u][b]Element(s):[/b][/u] Ice [u][b]Range:[/b][/u] Long [u][b]Description:[/b][/u] Kitanai gathers ice magic in front of him with both hands and sends a spiral of ice at the enemy that pursues them faster than Blizzara. When passing through an enemy that isn't the target, it simply freezes that enemy temporarily. Upon impact to the target, Blizzara explodes into 3 ice crystals causing damage to surrounding enemies and freezing the 2 closest enemies in the ice crystals, with the 3rd crystal freezing the target.