I am the God of WAR!
  — Kratos 

Height: 7'0
Weight: 284 lbs

Kratos is a playable character in DK Network.


  • Chain Blades: Can be short range and long range.


  • Super Strength
  • Super Jump
  • Climbing
  • Super Speed
  • Super Agility
  • Super Reflexes
  • Invulnerability



  • Slash
  • Air Combos
  • Stab
  • Grab and Throw
  • Parry


  • Hermes Dash: Using the Boots of Hermes, Kratos dashes through his opponent, damaging him/her and leaving a trail of fire. It can be charged.
  • Head of Helios: Kratos pulls out the Head of Helios, which emits a small shockwave of light that blinds the opponent, leaving them vulnerable for a second attack.
  • Golden Fleece: After parrying a projectile, he will launch an energy blast back at his opponent. After parrying a melee attack, he'll slam into the opponent.
  • Apollo's Bow: Kratos pulls out the Bow of Apollo and shoots two arrows.

Ultimate MoveEdit

Blade of Olympus: Kratos stabs the opponent with both Blades of Exile, wrenching out pieces of flesh as they are removed. As the opponent tries to stop the bleeding, Kratos draws the Blade of Olympus and drives it through their chest, finally slicing vertically through their torso. After a while, the sliced body stops moving and falls. Kratos then drives the blade into the ground, growling.