Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse is a playable character in DK Network.


  • Keyblade: A key-shaped weapon that deals damage like a club and has no slashing capabilities. The weapon stuns the opponent everytime it hits them, but in return the weapon can only do 3 hit combos before it sends the opponent flying back.


  • Great Agility
  • High Strength
  • Corridors of Darkness



  • Right Swing
  • Left Swing
  • Up Swing
  • Down Swing


  • Corridor of Darkness: Mickey summons a hole in reality which is a pathway to other worlds and places. He then grabs the opponent and throws them in there and follows them in, transporting both of them to a different stage. Because of Mickey throwing the opponent, the opponent receives damage.
  • Stopga: Mickey freezes his opponent allowing him to freely attack them while they are frozen.
  • Holy: Mickey releases light burst in the forms of orbs and rays.
  • Pearl: Mickey sends a homing orb of light at the opponent.

Ultimate MoveEdit

Burst of Faith: Mickey creates a shower of light focusing down on the opponent then finishes them off with a burst of light.