Sora is a playable character in DK Network.


  • Keyblade: A key-shaped weapon that deals damage like a club and has no slashing capabilities. The weapon stuns the opponent everytime it hits them, but in return the weapon can only do 3 hit combos before it sends the opponent flying back.


  • Reality Shift
  • Magic



  • Right Swing
  • Left Swing
  • Down Swing
  • Up Swing
  • Jab


  • Firaga: Sora shoots a homing projectile, not as powerful as the other spells perhaps, but has great range and moderate speed.
  • Blizzaga: Blizzaga acts more like a shotgun, with Sora firing several weak shards of ice that spread to affect a large area.
  • Thundaga: Sora calls upon lightning that strikes straight down, so it can sometimes be blocked if the target is under a ledge, but this also allows the player to magically attack an enemy behind the front lines.
  • Curaga: Sora heals a large amount of his life. If the opponent is hit in the middle of this move then the move will have no effect.
  • Reality Shift: Slingshot: Sora can target an object and put in a bubble slingshotting it at the opponent. Reality freezes when Sora puts the object in the bubble so this move cannot be interrupted.
  • Reality Shift: Bubble Burst: Sora releases a giant bubble at the opponent which sprays bubbles eventually engulfing the target in a giant bubble if they are hit enough. If they are engulfed then Sora jumps on the bubble and pops it dealing damage to the opponent.

Ultimate MoveEdit

  • Ultimate Lock: Sora releases a blast of light from his keyblade creating a giant astral keyhole which seals the opponent defeating them.